2016: Kodak will Super 8 wiederbeleben

Kodak Super8

Kodak startet die Super 8 Filmmaking Revival Initiative.

Die Initiative wird von Regisseuren wie Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Quentin Tarantino und Christopher Nolan unterstützt.

Steven Spielberg erklärt, warum ihm die Wiederbelebung des Super 8-Formats so wichtig ist:

“For me, 8mm was the beginning of everything. When I think of 8mm, I think of the movies.”

“When I watch the news, I expect and want it to look like live television. However, I don’t want that in my movies. I want our century-plus medium to keep its filmic look and I like seeing very fine, swimming grain up there on the screen. To me, it’s just more alive and it imbues an image with mystery, so it’s never literal. I love movies that aren’t literally up in my face with images so clear there is nothing left to our imaginations. Had I shot it on a digital camera, the Omaha Beach landings in Saving Private Ryan would have crossed the line for those that found them almost unbearable. Paintings done on a computer and paintings done on canvas require an artist to make us feel something. To be the cursor or the brush, that is the question and certainly both can produce remarkable results. But doesn’t the same hold true for the cinematic arts? Digital or celluloid? Vive la difference! Shouldn’t both be made available for an artist to choose?”

Photo: © 2016 Eastman Kodak Company

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